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Unconditional Bad ass 21 Day Challenge

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This course is designed for women who want to kick life's ass. Life shows up in really awesome ways and then in some really scary and unfortunate way as well.

Unconditional Badass will address the 3 components of a happy and healthy lifestyle. Mind, Body, and Spirit.

  1. Mind - The proper mindset has been the key component for me in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I have made up my mind that I want to feel good and honey you know I want to look good. I am 49 years young and getting younger with each passing year.
  2. Body - The body is meant to have vigorous exercise. If it is going to stay healthy, happy, and looking good we have got to move it baby. I found the sweet spot for me was to start slow, stay steady, and never go more than one day without some kind of physical exercise. Two days and you are toast. 
  3. Spirit - My health and wellness is a spiritual experience for me. My family, my career, and my spirituality are all intensely important to me. I can't fully be present to any of that if I do not put my physical and emotional health first. Meditation is the way I connect to my highest self. It is how I cultivate inspiration and motivation to keep going. It is the most important part of my healthy lifestyle.

Unconditional Badass will give you a great start on the life you want to live. You will learn to change the way you think about what you can achieve.

You will begin to look forward to moving your body and overcome your mind's dirty little tricks that try to keep you from achieving your goals.

Suzie Wheeler

Suzie Wheeler

Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, Fitness Instructor, Health Coach, Middle-Aged Mommy

I am a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, a health coach, and a fitness instructor. I am deeply passionate about helping mommies over 40 stay fit and sexy. I had kids late in life. I had my first daughter at 30. When most women are thinking of getting back in their pre-baby shape I was just getting started. I had my second child at 37. Whoa! Just when I was getting my feet back under me, here we go again. If any of this resonates with you, stick around here. It is possible to keep getting healthier and even be considered super hot as a middle-aged mom.

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